Solutions offered by Addiction Treatment Centers For Women

Dealing with drug addiction differs from one person to another. In fact it also varies for both men and women. It is important to know that a woman will not deal with addiction in the same way a male addict will. Be it alcohol or drug addiction, women patients are faced with a different set of challenges, their treatment process at the addiction treatment centers will naturally differ from that of male patients. The basic step of curing severe drug addiction is detoxification. Treating female patients will also begin with the same step. The process of detoxification is the same for both men and women and is required to be carried out carefully. However, special treatment approaches are used to treat women patients so that the specific needs too are addressed at the same time.

The specific needs that need to be addressed by the drug rehab centers for women are as follows:

* Severe health complications: It is crucial for you to be aware of the fact that substance abuse in men and women will affect both the sexes differently. Women are exposed to the threat of developing more serious health complications than men are. Fertility issues, risk of organ damage, memory loss are some of the common issues faced by women addicts.
* Depression and low self-esteem: It is not uncommon for female drug addicts to experience depression and suffer from low self-esteem. In fact, most women take up drugs as a way to cope up with the pressures of daily life that causes them to experience anxiety and depression.
* Fear of social stigma: Compared to men, female addicts are often afraid to seek professional help for their addiction as they fear that they will face social stigma which will deprive them from many things in life.
* Family issues: Relationship issues are a main reason behind women resorting to drugs. Family dispute, discords with partner, separation from children are common reasons behind women indulging in substance abuse.
* Complications involving pregnancy: Carrying out detoxification in a pregnant female addict is an extremely sensitive process and needs to be handled delicately. Addiction treatment centers employ well trained medical professionals so that no harm is done to the mother and the unborn child.
* Bitter past experiences: Many female addicts have a history of sexual abuse in early childhood which instilled in them the tendency to take drugs as a way of dealing with the bitter memories. It becomes necessary to treat the trauma.

For a complete successful treatment of the women addict, it is mandatory for the center to treat these particular issues in a patient if there is any. If left untreated, these are likely to pose a major obstacle in the smooth flow of the treatment instead giving rise to several complexities.